Antibiotics for Singapore

"Antibiotics for Singapore" 2073, Oil on Canvas

"Antibiotics for Singapore" 2073, Oil on Canvas

"Antibiotics for Singapore", 36x72" oil on canvas, 2073.

Painted in the months following the events of August 2073, when the Chinese embargo was interrupted by another oil crash. In a desperate, last show of power, the EU and Australia banded together and sent their 19th century sailboats past the blockade to deliver antibiotics to the Singaporeans in need. On that day, many locals stopped working and helped to speed up the delivery to crowded hospitals.
The painting was found in the flooded ruins of the Marina Bay Sands in 2084, but it wasn't restored for viewers until this exhibition. Paintings like this gives us invaluable insight into what we came to call "the hardship years" in the second part of the 21st century

Painting #1 in the post-collapse series.
I invite all artists to join me in creating art that reflects the challenges of our time and urges action to solve the climate/energy crisis.

May 16, 2019